I have been producing, engineering and mixing recordings since about 2010. It started as a way to record my own music at home, but quickly grew into an extension of my creative process and practice. As my background is predominantly in Folk, I generally favour a domestic and live approach, focussing on connecting the listener to a specific performance, time and place. However I reject the idea that these things should translate to loss of sonic quality or fidelity. The subtleties of human performance, the small imperfections which create realness and tensions, live musicality - these are what I’m interested in capturing, rather than building up overly-quantised, auto-tuned or midi-based productions.

My solo and duo projects have all been released under my own DIY ‘label’, HOTELRecordings, the output of which sits somewhere between folk, art-music and experimental chamber music. Some of which can be found here:

As a string player and a lover of ‘warm’ recordings, I favour ribbon microphones where possible, and have a small but perfectly-formed collection of gear which particularly suits acoustic instruments of all kinds and voice. My approach to gear is a hybrid one, and I generally use analogue and vintage front-end into a multitrack Audient digital system, sampling at 96k. Occasionally, I can be convinced to mix on an analogue board and track to stereo where the DAW acts as the ‘tape’. This can be delightfully restrictive, and further serve the concept of capturing a moment in time.

I have a small space in Brockley, London for tracking and mixing, and frequently use my parents’ house in mid-Norfolk for recording larger or more complex ensembles. I also record on-location, which has allowed me to use the acoustics of some amazing spaces both in London and in the countryside.

I am available for recordings, so if this sounds like the right kind of approach for you, please get in touch.